Learn Chinese with Yangyang - How to say "where" in Mandarin Chinese


It is a must-have for:

Beginners who wish to start right and build a solid foundation for their Chinese learning
Those who wish to deepen their understanding of Chinese grammar.
Individuals planning to travel to China
Those who need to communicate with Chinese-speaking family members / friends / clients / love interest / coworkers, etc.
Students who plan to self-study Chinese

Features of this DVD include:

20 interactive audio lessons (over 7 hours) planed and narrated by Yangyang
Clear, detailed explanations of Chinese grammar
Thorough explanations of the Chinese tones
Practical cultural tips
Lots of repetition
Fun and easy-to-remember mnemonics
Only useful words, phrases and sentences
A focus on learning the building blocks
Progressively organized
Tailored towards English speakers

See video


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