How To Install MAMP & WordPress on OS X

Learn how to install MAMP for Mac OS X; a freeware web server environment that includes PHP, Apache, and MySQL. We'll also show you how to install WordPress locally on your machine, and teach about symbolic links. (They are the UNIX equivalent of aliases).

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Episode #22 for July 22, 2009

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I tried installing rails 3

I tried installing rails 3 with MAMP and rvm the other day and had to give up fllnowiog your second link because the current MAMP source is version 1.9 (if I remember right) and it didn't understand the ./configure command and it appears to be using nmake (or was it cmake?) instead of make.It would be really helpful if you know someone who successfully installed rails3 recently on snow leopard.In the end, I had to give up and install the normal rvm mySQL and just use the correct socket for my MAMP installation in the rails database.yml file but I don't like having to waste disk space with an entire second mySQL installation when I would prefer just using the MAMP one (and who knows if I'll have some weird problems downstream in my rails apps because the database is in MAMP but the database software rails is using is in another location.Any pointers, leads or help would REALLY be appreciated!

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