Basic Eclipse Tutorial for Java beginners

basic eclipse tutorial.

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I am good with photoshop, and

I am good with photoshop, and have a dgiseners eye. Unfortunately, I am hopelessly inept when it comes to coding. I have read through basic html, xhtml, and css tutorials, but I am so visual it is hard to really grasp it without a helping hand. I have googled this topic ALOT, lol. But, all I find are more tutorials on the basics, which I already understand to an extent, and WYS's that only offer basic webdesign capabilities. Maybe I am hoping for too much, but I really want something to show/help me create an advanced website. I know I can do it, but I need a push i the right direction. If possible, I would like something that doesn't involve tables. I don't get the concept, and I hear they are outdated anyway.oh yes. another monkey wrench in the works is that anything suggested has to be free. i am in college with NO money. trial versions of things are acceptable, but free is obviously prefered. thanks in advance.note. when i say visual, i don't mean reading. if you have add or any form of learning disability you will understand what i mean. reading is ok, but i am looking for something more hands on that i can watch happening video, wys, anything but more type that just goes on and on like i said before, i understand how code works. i don't need a lesson on how to type it so much as i need to see how all the typing comes together.ok i am getting some good answers but not quite getting my meaning through i think. i scratch the question above if you will can someone just explain tables? how do they work? why are they there? can i get rid ofthem? how? anything you can offer.

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