JavaScript Tutorial by JavascriptTeacher

JavaScript Tutorial 1.1: The Very Basics

This tutorial will cover the really basic things about JavaScript, mainly proper syntax of strings, method of script inclusion, and the commonly used alert() and document.write().

To those of a keen eye, you'll get a glimpse of my recent history at 1:33, and for that I apologize.

"absolutely necessity": that should be "absolute."

The error message display comes courtesy of Firebug, an incredibly useful Firefox add-on.

The song is Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

(Those with epilepsy should stop watching this tutorial about ten seconds before its end to be safe...)

JavaScript Tutorial 1.2: Variables
In this installment, I'll be covering JavaScript variables and how they're used, as well as going back and making sure you've got a thorough understanding of strings and their proper syntax.

I apologize for the plethora (I think there are two, actually...) of grammatical mistakes that take place throughout (just one "page," actually...) the course of this tutorial.

Bloody YouTube cuts off the last second of the video so the "red to white and back" effect doesn't deliver on its last promise.

JavaScript Tutorial 1.3: Introduction to External Input
In this tutorial, we examine one way to receive and play with data given to us from the user rather than data we explicitly include ourselves.

I apologize for the lack of music in this and subsequent tutorials; while Beethoven's almost always a good listen, adding sound to the video was drastically reducing its quality. Hey, if you feel the music helped, why not throw it on while you read?

There are a few grammatical mistakes, as well as my first typing mistake (bummer...), and for these I apologize.

Somewhere in there, you'll notice that JavaScript isn't the greatest handler of multiplication problems, but no worries, I'll explain why this is as well as how to alleviate the problem in a future tutorial.

JavaSript Tutorial 1.4: Clarification of Functions
In this tutorial, we cover the basics of functions and methods, as well as touching on objects and how they are used.

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Hi, I have a question I'm

Hi, I have a question I'm canitreg a website and I get in a situation this vid at 15:07 where he makes a region of links on the right and a region of other things on the left of screen.For some reason however, even though I link correctly, when I get these two regions in this proximity, the links in the right side do not work anymore.How come this happens?Anyone can help me with this?

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