Bending Zen - An intro to using the Zen Theme for Drupal - The Zen Theme is a powerful theme that is created to be a starting point for new themers. There is a lot of functionality involved in the Zen Theme that has always made it hard for me to give it up completely to do a theme completely from scratch. The Zen Theme is well commented and is a great way for web designers to get into theming for Drupal. This video contains my personal suggestions, based on what I have learned since working with Drupal. I only hope to spark a light for those who don't know where to start. Please be sure to check Drupal's best practices for quality theming:

Bending Zen - Subthemes is the second video in my Bending Zen Series. This shows you how to quickly set up a subtheme using Zen as your base theme in Drupal 6. Setting up a subtheme is a quick and easy way to utilize Zen's functionality without tinkering with Zen itself. It also allows you to run updates to the Zen theme without completely reworking your theme.

Drupal 6 Themers who are just beginning may come across a few features that they don't realize can be controled in the Theme settings. Some of these features would be expected to be in Block areas, but when controled in the theme settings, it gives the Themer more control over the way the website looks. Some of the things this tutorial will go over includes Logo and Favicon uploads, breadcrumb settings, and how to find the settings in your page.tpl.php file in Drupal 6.

The Zen Theme can be found here:

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See video
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Hi EdI was just doing some

Hi EdI was just doing some idle web browsing and thghout I'd look you up. I tried to send a message via but it failed. Anyway, hope all is well in Podestaland and it would be great to meet up sometime (10 years down the line from the first day at CoL scary hey?!).All the best to you, Sarah and MaddyAndrew Yendole

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