Installing Drupal On A Localhost

This video shows how to install Drupal to a localhost on a Windows based computer. Wampserver is used to create the proper environment.

Because of the YouTube ten minute time limit this is only a preview. To see the full version of this video please go to .

See video


I am starting to relaly find

I am starting to relaly find my way around now, however I spent maybe 4 hours last night trying to work out the following: I want to now insert some html before any search results - someone does a search (may or may not get results) and I want above the results (be it posts or snippets) my chunk of code.I actually got it working by usingadd_filter('the_content', 'myresults');add_filter('the_posts', 'myposts');However didn't realise that some themes don't show a post - just a list of links to posts.Any ideas?My site is - this theme my technique works. Feb 28 at 12:36

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