Basics of Photoshop (4 lessons)

Basics of Photoshop #01 - What Does Everything Do?
Here's a quick look at how pretty much everything in Photoshop works in under 25 minutes.This is the first lesson in the Lifehacker Night School Basics of Photoshop class.

Basics of Photoshop #02 - Color, Touch-ups, and Enhancements
In our second Basics of Photoshop lesson we take a look at color correction, touching up bad parts of a photo, and enhancing a portrait.

Basics of Photoshop #03 - Drawing with the Pen Tool
There are a few ways to create illustrations in Photoshop, but the primary method for creating vector graphics is using the Pen Tool. We're going to take a look at how to use it by drawing my friend Christine.

Basics of Photoshop #04 - Designing a Website
Here's a look at how to mock up a website design in Photoshop.

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