Why I used Ubuntu Linux 64Bit - OSGUI Tech Show Tim Talks

OSGUI Tech Show Tim Blog editorial freestyle chat about my opinions on Why I use Ubuntu Linux,
I also talk about 64bit and 32bit versions and why I use what version on what type of computer and how to pronounce Ubuntu... These are the main points;
It's Stable when used correctly
Super Fast when not loaded with bloat
Deb Files are the best
Debian Base Linux rocks
RPM's suck and are for geeks in Server Rooms
Commercial Backing means success
Mark Shuttleworth is a legend
Ubuntu is our best chance for Linux to go mainstream for the masses
Supporting other non-user-friendly Linux Distro's like Fedora is a waste of time and counter-productive
All Distros should be Debian based in a perfect world but alas Fedora will never go away
MEPIS Linux or SimplyMepis is the best Debian Linux Desktop OS for the masses besides Ubuntu Linux based OS's
This has been the opinions of Tim from the OSGUI Tech Show
Original video production by the http://www.OSGUI.com Tech Show. OSGUI OSGUIShow OS GUI OSyTim

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