Drupal 6 Simple Views Slideshow Setup In Aquia Marina

Create a slideshow with drupal 6 "Views" and "Views Slideshow" in Aquia Marina or for that case any other theme modules.

style.css add the following

/* Views Slideshow Styling
For the most part it will get it's styling from the theme
the only one you may need to add is the height and width style to
stop it from bouncing the theme up and down as different size
content fills it. Hence the need to control the content.

/* CHANGE THE myslideshow to what ever your slideshow is called.

/* Set the size of the slideshow box :
Its important if you have content with long and short text
if you don't set this your views-slide show will get bigger and smaller
as it auto fits the text. For styling this can make it consistent
#block-views-myslideshow-block_1 {height: 200px;width: 300px;}


/* Styling the title
#block-views-myslideshow-block_1 .views-field-title a{font-weight: bold; text-decoration: none;}

/* styling the body
#block-views-myslideshow-block_1 .views-field-body {font-size: 14px;}

/* styling the number pager at the bottom

/* This is the whole pager
#views_myslideshow_singleframe_pager_1 {background-color: #666666;}

/* This is just the active number
#block-views-myslideshow-block_1 .activeSlide{background-color: #000000;}

I will add the css to my website when the server comes back up....

See video


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